[..] “All I know is that I would like to stand here with you a little longer. Next to you. And maybe…just not say anything.”

|| 12x03 - So It Goes

I’m the woman of the house now. I’m strong.


"I can’t believe I called POTUS a wiseass."

12x02 - Kill the Messenger

I apologize, I thought I could get the Tony Appreciation Week posts up in one day. In truth the cold kicked my ass. So that is why they never got posted. I wanted to post them, but I was just far to sick. I will work on Finishing up the Tony Appreciation Week posts and will work on the next one which is McGee Appreciation Week. So be on the look for those, coming soon. 

I apologize, but todays Tony Appreciation Week post will be posted tomorrow along with tomorrows. Again I apologize for this, just feeling under the weather.